We can reduce the costs associated with the warehouse, equipment, systems, and personal associated with the distribution by offering flexible solutions to your distribution needs.

Our warehouse management structure allows your product to be received, stocked, picked, kitted and shipped and the system can give you the ability to have access to almost any type of information regarding your current inventory transactions, and timely reporting of all activities including – GOODS RECIEPT NOTE [GRN] – Products allocated for shipment –Product hold status-Real time inventory stock levels - Sales order/ Outbound shipments – online Tracking of shipment until its final delivery.

Though a non-asset based company, we have formalized vendor selections, management programs and procedures and systems capabilities allow for best in class management of its providers, and offer a consistent high-quality product to its customers.

Through our Global Logistics Network, we can receive RAW MATERIALS, kit them in the manner acceptable to the manufacturing plant, and deliver them “JUST-IN-TIME” to the appropriate line reducing costs and increasing your line productivity and decreasing your inventory carrying costs.
Cargo Solutions

... To develop a long-term working relationship with our Global Partners and offer the professional and quality solutions to the daily transpiration needs of our customers at a competitive price...

Cargo Solutions aspires to be the single, most reliable regional logistics company with global reach. Year after year a growing network of partners worldwide and ever increasing clientele spur us on, closer to our destination.

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